Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prince Amir warded

my prince amir is admitted in Damansara Specialist Hospital since
Monday,6 June 2011.It's all started with fever few days and followed
by vomitting non stop at 10pm Sunday. I was thinking it cause of
eating something as lil Amir is still breastfeeding.He still eager to
eat 1 bowl of porridge and drink a lot of plain water. The next
morning I took EL to take care of him as normally if my boys even
hubby not well I will take off to take care of them.

Took him to Child Specialist and meet his regular Dr Lai and she
advised to directly bring Amir to hospital. We decided to bring him to
DSH since its nearby and also the well-known ped n child specialist.
We rushed to emergency and his body temperature already 39.1c and very
very week body. Nurse jap him to fill up with glucose drip as he
already loose much liquid due to the vomitting. Then put the voren med
in the buttock to pin down the temperarture.

The next day, tuesday; he still vomitting and doc as him to fasting
and solely depends on the drip water. Yet he still vomitting and body
become much weaker than yesterday. This is the time that doc suggest
to transfer him to ICU for further check-up and diagnose. Doc also
suggest to do Cereberal Spinal Fluids (amik air tulang belakang) which
hubby and I was stunned for few minutes. Hubby called my MIL and asked
Dr Sulaiman (he is specialist in nerf n sort) from KPJ Puteri JB. Dr
Sulaiman advised that is the safe procedure and it only took minimal
fluids to diagnose the issue.

To be contunue...

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