Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amir’s story on survival from Pneumococcal Meningitis at 11 months old..

It's all started on 3rd June 2011

One week before lil Amir get sick...
happily with his brother's ride

1st day sick - Friday, 03 June 2011 and after took him from nursery, he still able to play around and move here and there. The body temperature was 37.5'c

2nd day sick - Saturday, 04 June 2011. Temperature still manageable 37.8'c - 38.5'c.

We thought it was normal fever as he just learn how to stand
and maybe fever because of teething or something.

So mummy continue his paracetamol syrup every 4 hours....

He could not stop vomiting
on the 3rd day - Sunday, 05 June 2011 from 10pm onwards

...and mummy think because he's still breastfeeding
and maybe mummy eat something spicy...

but we were wrong......

arrived at Damansara Specialist Hospital in emergency room

my lil Amir is very very sick
and even not able to move his head left and right

Dr Soh the pediatrician finds that something is wrong with Amir
and wanted to do CT Scan. She want to see if there is any head injuries... 

and yes the CT Scan is clear from any injuries or sort...

but yet, Dr Soh suspected it might cause of infection in the brain
as my lil Amir is not responsive at all...

Day 1: 6 June 2011 in normal ward

The next day, Tuesday... he still vomitting and doc need him to fasting
and solely depends onthe drip water.

Yet he still vomitting and body become much weaker than yesterday...

This is the time that doctor suggect to transfer him to ICU
for further check-up and diagnose...

Doc also suggest to do Cerebrospinal Fluids procedure (Lumbar puncture)
which hubby and I was stunned for few minutes.

Hubby called my MIL and asked Dr Mohamed Sulaiman Ibrahim (specialist for Anaesthetist)
from KPJ Puteri JB. He advised that is the safe procedure and it took only minimal fluids to
diagnose the issue...

...and yes!!! within 15 minutes hubby and I decided to do the procedure....
and yes!! we did trust the doctor. For all good sake!

My lil Amir in HDU (High Dependency Unit) before the CSF procedure

He could barely reconize mummy :(

worried Ayah....with harmless Amir

Doc already started the antibiotic as she suspected for few bacteria infection in the brain...


on antibiotics Venco & Rosephine

he has so many drips because of the vein were so small...
so doc need to open new line for the antibiotics

my heart was breaking... son was so sick

he feel insecure
...and always want me by his side

Our prayers was answered...

Lil Amir is getting better...

he's able to move around and smile to us :)

getting better, can sit by himself and even read books

been transferred to normal ward

Day 9: Dr Razak do another line in his leg as the hand is already swollen....

Day 10

Day 11: 16 June 2011 - with dedicated Dr Soh

Day 11: Amir phobia with all the nurses he been jap every single days non-stop

Day 12

Day 15 - Dr Soh clinic for Pneumococcal vaccin

Thank you doc & nurses Damansara Specialist Hospital
and each and everyone of you who do pray for the little angle

...and most important to Allah SWT who always answering to our prayers...

the bills was RM 15k++ and thanks to Prudential
btw, cannot wait for the hospital allowance... hehehehe
I can tell u its a lot babes... :)

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