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Very interesting Facts about the Quran

Facts about the glorious Qu'ran


1) What is the meaning of the word "Qur'an" ?

A) That which is Read.


2) Where was the Qur'an revealed first ?

A) In the cave of Hira (Makkah)


3) On which night was the Qur'an first revealed ?

A) Lailatul-Qadr (Night of the Power)


4) Who revealed the Qur'an?

A) Allah revealed the Qur'an


5) Through whom was the Qur'an revealed?

A) Through Angel Jibraeel (Alaihis-Salaam)


6) To whom was the Qur'an revealed?

A) To the last Prophet, Muhammed (Sallahu Alaihi Wasallam)


7) Who took the responsibility of keeping the Qur'an safe?

A) Allah himself


8) What are the conditions for holding or touching the Qur'an?

A) One has to be clean and to be with wudhu (ablution)


9) Which is the book which is read most?

A) The Qur'an


10) What is the topic of the Qur'an?

A) Man


11) What are the other names of the Qur'an according to the Qur'an itself?

A) A l-Furqaan, Al-Kitaab, Al-Zikr, Al-Noor,Al-Huda


12) How many Makki Surahs (chapters) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 86


13) How many Madani Surahs (chapters) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 28


14) How many Manzils (stages) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 7


15) How many Paara or Juz (parts) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 30


16) How many Surahs (chapters) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 114


17) How many Rukoo (paragraphs) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 540


18) How many Aayaath (verses) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 6666


19) How many times is the word 'Allah' repeated in the Qur'an?

A) 2698


20) How many different types of Aayaath (verses) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 10


21) Who is the first 'Haafiz' of the Qur'an?

A) Prophet Muhammed (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam)


22) At the time of the death of Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) how many Huffaz were there?

A) 22


23) How many Aayaath (verses) on Sajda (prostation) are there in the Qur'an?

A) 14


24) In which Paara (part) and Surah (chapter) do you find the first verse about Sajda (prostation)?

A) 9th Paara, 7th Chapter-Surah-al-Araaf, Verse 206


25) How many times has the Qur'an stressed about Salaat or Namaaz (prayer)?

A) 700 times


26) How many times has the Qur'an emphasized on alms or charity?

A) 150


27) How many times in the Qur'an, is the Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)  addressed asYaa-Aiyu-Han-Nabi?

A)  11 times


28) Where in the Qur'an has Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) been named 'Ahmed'?

A) Paara 28th, Surah Saff, Ayath 6th


29) How many times has the name of Rasool-ullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) been mentioned in the Qur'an?

A) Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)-4times Ahmed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)-1 time


30) Name the Prophet whose name is mentionedand discussed most in the Qur'an?

A) Moosa (Alahis-Salaam)


39) Which is the first and the most ancient Mosque according to the Qur'an?

A) Kaaba


40) In Qur'an mankind is divided into two groups. Which are those two groups?

A) Believers and disbelievers


41) Who is the man about whom, Allah has said in the Qur'an that his body is kept as an admonishing  example for future generations to come?

A)  Fir'aun. (Pharaoh)


42) Besides the body of Pharaoh, what is that thing which is kept as an admonishing example for future  generations to come?

A)  Noah's Ark.


43) After the wreckage of Prophet Noah's Ark , which is its place of rest mentioned in theQur'an?

A) Cave of Judi .


46) In the Qur'an there is a mention of a Prophet who has been called by his mother's name. Who was he?

A) Jesus [Prophet Isa (Alahis salaam)] is mentioned as bn Maryam.


47) Which was the agreement that was titled Fath-hum-Mubeen' without fighting a battle?

A) Treaty of Hudaibiya


48) What are the different names used for Satan or Devil in the Qur'an?

A) Iblees and Ash-Shaitaan.


49) Which category of creature does the Qur'an put 'Iblees' into?

A) Jinn.


50) What were those worships and prayers that were ordered by Allah to the community of Bani Israeel and  which were continued by the Muslim Ummah also?

A)  Salaat and Zakaat. (Al-Baqarah:43)


51) The Qur'an repeatedly warns of a certain day. Can you say which day it is?

A) Youmal Qiyamah.(Doomsday)


52) Who were those people with whom Allah was pleased and they were pleased with Him, as mentioned in the Qur'an?

A) Companions of Prophet Muhammed.(Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)


53) In which Holy Book of Non-Muslims the Qur'an mentioned repeatedly?

A) In the Holy Book of Sikh Community-Granth Saheb.


54) In which year were the vowels inserted in the Qur'an?

A) 43 Hijri.


55) Who were the first serious students of the Qur'an?

A) As-haabus Suffah.


56) Which is the first Residential University where the faculty of the Qur'an was established for the first time?

A) Masjid-e-Nabvi.[Mosque of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)]


57) By what name did the Qur'an address those noble and pious people who were selected by Allah to convey His  message to mankind?

A)  Nabi (Prophet) and Rasool (Messenger).


58) What type of a person does the Qur'an want to make?

A) Momin.


59) What is the scale or measure of one's dignity according to the Qur'an?

A) Thaqwa. (Piety)


60) What according to the Qur'an is the root cause of the evil?

A) Alcohol.


61) What are the two most important types of kinds of Aayaat (Verses)found in the Qur'an?

A) Muhakamaat and muthashabihaath.


62) Which is the longest Surah (Chapter) in the Qur'an?

A) Surah-al-Baqarah.


63) Which is the smallest Surah in the Qur'an?

A) Surah-al-Kausar.


64) What was the age of Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) when Qur'an was first revealed to him  through Jibraeel (Alaihis-salaam)?

A)  40 Years.


65) How long did Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) receive the revelation of the Qur'an in Makkah?

A)  13 Years.


66) How long did Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) receive the revelation of the Qur'an in Madinah?

A) 10 Years.


67) Where was the first Surah revealed?

A) In Makkah.


68) Where was the last Surah revealed?

A) In Madinah.


69) How many years did it take for the complete revelation of the Qur'an?

A) 22 years,5 months and 14 days.


70) Which Surah(Chapter) of the Qur'an is to be read compulsorily in each raka'at of the Salaat (Namaaz)?

A) Surah-al-Fatihah.


71) Which is the Surah, which Allah taught as a Du'a(Prayer)?

A) Surah-al-Fatihah.


72) What is the reason of keeping Surah-al-Fatihah in the beginning of the Qur'an?

A) It is the door to the Qur'an


73) What is the Surah (Chapter) revealed completely and found first place in the Qur'an?

A) Surah-al-Fatihah.


74) Who was the only lady whose personal name is found in the Qur'an?

A) Mariam(Alaihis-salaam).


75) In which Surah (Chapter) of the Qur'an do you find maximum instructions?

A) Surah-al-Baqarah.


76) When and Where did the Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and Jibraeel (Alaihis-salaam)  meet for the second time?

A)  On Friday,18th Ramadan,in the Cave of Hira .


77) What was the interval between the first and the second revelation?

A) 2 years and six months.


78) Which is the Surah (Chapter) that does not start without Bismillah?

A) Surah-al-Taubah or Bara'ath.


79) In which Surah (Chapter) of the Qur'an Bismillah is repeated twice?

A) Surah-al Naml.


80) How many Surah (Chapter) in the Qur'an have the titles named after different Prophets?

A) 6 Surahs (Chapters):

a) Surah-al-Yunus.


c) Surah-al-Yusuf.

d) Surah-al-Ibraheem.


f) Surah-al-Muhammed.


81) In which part of the Qur'an do you find 'Ayat-ul-Kursi'(Verse of the Throne)?

A) In the beginning of the third Part .(Chapter2-55)


82) How many different names of Allah are mentioned in the Qur'an?

A) 99


85) Which is that only book which is completely memorized by millions of people in the world?

A) Al-Qur'an.


86) What did the Jinns who heard a few Aayaath Verses) of the Qur'an say to each other?

A) We have heard a unique discourse which shows the right path, verily we believe in it.


88) Into how many languages of the world has the Holy Qur'an been translated?

A) Nearly 103 languages.


90) What will be our condition on 'The day of the Judgment' according to the Qur'an?

A) Everybody will be in a state of anxiety.


91) Who was the Prophet mentioned in the Qur'an whose three generations were prophets?

A) Ibraheem (Alaihis-salaam).


92) What is that book which abolished all old rules and regulations?

A) Al-Qur'an.


93) What does the Qur'an say about property and wealth?

A) They are tests of one's faith.


94) According to the Qur'an who is "khaatamun Nabiyyeen" (the last of the Prophets)?

A) Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)


95) What is the name of the book that tells us clearly about the reality of the beginning and the end of the world?

A) Al-Qur'an.


96) In the Qur'an what other name is given to the city of Makkah ?

A) Bakkah and Baladul Ameen.


97) According to the Qur'an what other name is given to the city of Madinah?

A) Yathrib.


98) Whose Generation is known as "Bani Israeel" according to the Qur'an?

A) The generation of Prophet Yaqoob(Alaihis salaam) who is also known as Israeel.


99) Which are the mosques that are mentioned in the Qur'an

a) Masjid-ul-Haram.

b) Masjid-ul-Zirar.

c) Masjid-ul-Nabawi.

d) Masjid-u l-Aqsa.

e) Masjid Quba.


100) The name of which angels are mentioned in the Qur'an?

a) Jibraeel Ameen.Alaihis salaam)

b) Meekaeel.(Alaihis salaam)

c) Haroot.(Alaihis salaam)

d) Maroot.(Alaihis salaam)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amir’s story on survival from Pneumococcal Meningitis at 11 months old..

It's all started on 3rd June 2011

One week before lil Amir get sick...
happily with his brother's ride

1st day sick - Friday, 03 June 2011 and after took him from nursery, he still able to play around and move here and there. The body temperature was 37.5'c

2nd day sick - Saturday, 04 June 2011. Temperature still manageable 37.8'c - 38.5'c.

We thought it was normal fever as he just learn how to stand
and maybe fever because of teething or something.

So mummy continue his paracetamol syrup every 4 hours....

He could not stop vomiting
on the 3rd day - Sunday, 05 June 2011 from 10pm onwards

...and mummy think because he's still breastfeeding
and maybe mummy eat something spicy...

but we were wrong......

arrived at Damansara Specialist Hospital in emergency room

my lil Amir is very very sick
and even not able to move his head left and right

Dr Soh the pediatrician finds that something is wrong with Amir
and wanted to do CT Scan. She want to see if there is any head injuries... 

and yes the CT Scan is clear from any injuries or sort...

but yet, Dr Soh suspected it might cause of infection in the brain
as my lil Amir is not responsive at all...

Day 1: 6 June 2011 in normal ward

The next day, Tuesday... he still vomitting and doc need him to fasting
and solely depends onthe drip water.

Yet he still vomitting and body become much weaker than yesterday...

This is the time that doctor suggect to transfer him to ICU
for further check-up and diagnose...

Doc also suggest to do Cerebrospinal Fluids procedure (Lumbar puncture)
which hubby and I was stunned for few minutes.

Hubby called my MIL and asked Dr Mohamed Sulaiman Ibrahim (specialist for Anaesthetist)
from KPJ Puteri JB. He advised that is the safe procedure and it took only minimal fluids to
diagnose the issue...

...and yes!!! within 15 minutes hubby and I decided to do the procedure....
and yes!! we did trust the doctor. For all good sake!

My lil Amir in HDU (High Dependency Unit) before the CSF procedure

He could barely reconize mummy :(

worried Ayah....with harmless Amir

Doc already started the antibiotic as she suspected for few bacteria infection in the brain...


on antibiotics Venco & Rosephine

he has so many drips because of the vein were so small...
so doc need to open new line for the antibiotics

my heart was breaking... son was so sick

he feel insecure
...and always want me by his side

Our prayers was answered...

Lil Amir is getting better...

he's able to move around and smile to us :)

getting better, can sit by himself and even read books

been transferred to normal ward

Day 9: Dr Razak do another line in his leg as the hand is already swollen....

Day 10

Day 11: 16 June 2011 - with dedicated Dr Soh

Day 11: Amir phobia with all the nurses he been jap every single days non-stop

Day 12

Day 15 - Dr Soh clinic for Pneumococcal vaccin

Thank you doc & nurses Damansara Specialist Hospital
and each and everyone of you who do pray for the little angle

...and most important to Allah SWT who always answering to our prayers...

the bills was RM 15k++ and thanks to Prudential
btw, cannot wait for the hospital allowance... hehehehe
I can tell u its a lot babes... :)

get one for your self
a Prudential Medical Card

from RM100 per month
call me 012 3448019

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prince Amir warded

my prince amir is admitted in Damansara Specialist Hospital since
Monday,6 June 2011.It's all started with fever few days and followed
by vomitting non stop at 10pm Sunday. I was thinking it cause of
eating something as lil Amir is still breastfeeding.He still eager to
eat 1 bowl of porridge and drink a lot of plain water. The next
morning I took EL to take care of him as normally if my boys even
hubby not well I will take off to take care of them.

Took him to Child Specialist and meet his regular Dr Lai and she
advised to directly bring Amir to hospital. We decided to bring him to
DSH since its nearby and also the well-known ped n child specialist.
We rushed to emergency and his body temperature already 39.1c and very
very week body. Nurse jap him to fill up with glucose drip as he
already loose much liquid due to the vomitting. Then put the voren med
in the buttock to pin down the temperarture.

The next day, tuesday; he still vomitting and doc as him to fasting
and solely depends on the drip water. Yet he still vomitting and body
become much weaker than yesterday. This is the time that doc suggest
to transfer him to ICU for further check-up and diagnose. Doc also
suggest to do Cereberal Spinal Fluids (amik air tulang belakang) which
hubby and I was stunned for few minutes. Hubby called my MIL and asked
Dr Sulaiman (he is specialist in nerf n sort) from KPJ Puteri JB. Dr
Sulaiman advised that is the safe procedure and it only took minimal
fluids to diagnose the issue.

To be contunue...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dia, Kahwin & Islam

Teringat tahun lepas sewaktu makan tengahari di restoran chinese muslim di Bdr Sri Damansara.
Kami Berempat. 3 wanita dan 1 lelaki. Yang lelaki itu bukan Islam dan kami semua rakan sekerja
yang baru balik dari kursus di Genting Higland selama 5hari. Si lelaki (H) memulakan perbualan.
Dia menyatakan bahawa sedang belajar tentang Islam. Lalu aku bertanya...

Aku: Why you learn about Islam? (tanya aku dalam nada yang ingin tahu)
H: I want to learn about Islam..
Aku: Belajar kat mane?
H: Perkim.
Aku: So how is the progress with learning now?
H: seems ok. all theory and how to ambil air sembahyang and prayers. But I know someone there, if I want to just convert also can.
Aku: (sigh~) Kenapa u study about Islam?
H: I want to married malay muslim lady.
Aku: U want to convert Islam because u want to get married with Malay muslim lady or because u really want to learn about Islam?
H: (in silent for few minutes)
Aku: if because of marriage u convert, pls think is twice. Bacause marriage is a good thing & religion is a serious thing. If because of marriage u want to convert, u better don't. In life of men and women, as a husband, you will lead your wife and ur future kids towards Islam & how to be a good muslim.
H: I already think throughly on this and I'm ready.
Aku: How about her? and her family?
H: She has been trying to convince her family for about 2 years. Furthermore, family dia alim sikit so both parents not agree with our relationship.
(alamak... dia dah buat muka sedih.. kesian pulak)
H: she's sacrifice so much for me in-term of her family and how she's tried to convince them. Dia anak tunggal. So parents dia sangat concern.
Aku: of course!
H: and its time for me to convince my parents. Its very hard you know cos my parent sangat alim dlm agama Buddha. Same like her parents.
(silent again)
H: I bg tahu my mom that Islam teach all good things as well. And even I converted, Islam teach me not to abandoned my parents & relatives.
Aku: You are right.
H: I agree most of the things but there is 1 thing that Islam said which I'm not really agree.
Aku: which is? (dengan tak sabar2 aku tanya...)
H: They said Buddha sembah berhala. Islam too..
Aku: (in shocked, I replied) mane ada? Buktikan!
H: Kenapa orang Islam sembah bangunan kain hitam tu?
Aku: Oh.. itu Kaabah atau nama lainnya Baitullah
H: yes I know. Yang selalu mereka pergi Haji tu.
Aku: Correct! Secara terjemahan mudah maknanya Rumah Allah
H: Sama mcm Buddha juga, kamu sembah berhala.
Aku: (ish mamat ni nak provoke aku pulak..) its not the same. Do no think that way. Its wrong!
H: Allah ada dalam tu?
Aku: tak
H: Jadi, kenapa sembah bangunan tu kalau Allah tak ada dalam tu?
Aku: Yang saya sembah bukannya bangunan tu..
H: Kamu sembah apa?
Aku: Saya sembah Allah SWT
H: Jadi, kenapa sembah bangunan tu?
Aku: Saya menghadap sahaja ke arah Kaabah tetapi saya tak sembah Kaabah..
H: Bukankah kamu sujud ke arah Kaabah, maknanya kamu sembah Kaabah la.. sama mcm Buddha, ada juga Tuhan tapi itu juga simbol utk kami sembah.
Aku: Kamu pernah tgk perlawanan bola dalam TV?
H:Pernah.. selalu..
Aku: Kamu tengok tv ke tengok perlawanan bola?
H: Tengok perlawanan bola la..
Aku: Di mana?
H: Dalam tv la
Aku: Cuba buka tv tu, tengok di dalamnya ada stadium dan perlawanan bola ke tak..?
H: Memanglah tak ada.. tapi itukan gambarnya ada..
Aku: Bukalah dalam tv, tengok ada ke tak gambar perlawanan bola dalam tu..
H: So..?
Aku: Maknanya kamu tengok tv, bukan perlawanan bola.. betul tak?
H: Tak.. aku tengok perlawanan bola la melaui tv tu..
Aku: Peliknya..
H: Sebab apa pulak pelik?
Aku: Ye la, kau cakap tengok perlawanan bola, sedangkan aku tengok dalam tv tu tak ada apa-apa.. yg ada hanya wayar je berselirat..
H: Memanglah dalam tv tu ada banyak wayar, tapi tv tu menayangkan gambar-gambar perlawanan bola dalamnya..
Aku: Hurm.. jadi tak peliklah ni..?
H: Ya.. tak pelik..
Aku: Jadi tak pelik jugalah aku sujud ke arah Kaabah untuk menyembah Allah swt.. walau pun dalam Kaabah tak ada Allah..

Dia diam. Bungkam.

Segala yang baik itu datang daripada Allah SWT.. segala kekurangan itu datang daripada diri kecilku ini. Semoga Allah mempermudahkan urusan saudara baru itu. Allahuakhbar!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Home Schooling Method - so attractive & creative

Pagi tadi telah menerima e-mail dari unknown yang actually sent by the admin untuk advertising promote the LittleKittle Studio. Yang mana mereka (husband-wife) promoting for home-schoolling. Terus aku tertarik nak blog-walking ke & She is adorable exciting mother with 4 kids. She support bfm (breastfeeding-milk). She is entrepreneur and very talented young lady I must say. Reading her blog has encouraged me to do something about it.

Oh my.. oh my.. oh my…!!!! Macam tak sabar-sabar nak cite kat korang… hehehehe…

Ok. I found-out that her method of home-schooling the kids is so effective and attractive. Harus ok.. Kalau mak-mak (cewah…!) macam aku tengok pun dah ada minat nak study and do creative work. Lagi pulak our own blood flesh babies kan uols. But seriously, she’s rawk!

Tengoklah mcm mane MamaFiza decorate the kids study room uols!..

And the kids room… memang simple yet very clean & tidy.

So tak kira rumah uols tu kecik ker atau sekangkang kera ker.. Yang penting set the good & healthy environment for the kids. Ooooohhhhh saya memang nak sangat buat bilik study for my lil Aqil & Amir attractive. So mesti cuba kaedah di atas ok. Setakat nak cat & design tu memang tak de hal.. Memang selalu hubby & I do the house painting ourself pun. So sangat-sangat teruja nak try this method. Thanks MamaFiza for the tips~

Note: pictures was taken from Fiza blog.